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Slowing the Hype on Fast Money Loans

Many misconceptions surround fast money loans. The media tends to contribute to these misconceptions, often damaging the industry’s reputation in the process. Don’t be misled by exaggerated and sensationalistic tales and rumors. Cash advances aren’t a scam. We’ll give you the facts.

While Money USA doesn’t lend funds, we would like to put several rumors to rest regarding loans, lenders and the lending process.

Myth #1: Those seeking an instant cash advance must have good credit.

There’s no need to submit to a credit check when requesting fast money loans. As long as you meet our basic requirements, our services are open to you — regardless of your current credit score. In addition, the lenders in the Money USA network will not base eligibility or interest rates on your credit history. We aim to service a wide range of customers.

Myth #2: Cash advance businesses are scams.

Loan lenders are required to complete state-issued certification tests. They cannot procure licenses to do business unless they first submit to these tests. Deceptive lenders may slip through the legal nets, but you don’t have to worry about them when you’re dealing with our network of lenders. Don’t allow fear to hold you back from obtaining fast money loans. Spend a little time on credible financial sites to educate yourself on state policies concerning the cash advance industry.

Myth #3: Lenders take advantage of customers by using hidden interest rates and fees.

In 1968, the United States government passed the Truth in Lending Act. This federal law requires that all lenders disclose the details of their fast money loans with customers up front. These details include information on financing fees and interest rates. The lenders must reveal all of this before you sign their contracts. Therefore, as long as you review the information, you’ll never be taken by surprise with hidden fees.

Myth #4:  Instant cash advances try to trap customers in a spiral of debt.

When used properly, fast cash loans will help you overcome financial challenges. If you direct your funds toward emergencies, such as sudden visits to the doctor or dentist, you’ll see just how useful these loans can be. On the other hand, if you direct your funds toward unnecessary items, such as a new television or designer clothes, you’ll be wasting your resources. In addition, you should repay the loans as soon as possible to avoid an increase in interest rates. Judicious borrowers won’t break their bank account with a cash advance.

Myth #5: Cash advances target low-income individuals and families.

Money USA is an online business; therefore, as long as you are connected to the Internet, you can access our services. It doesn’t matter if you have low-income or are a higher earner. This fact debunks the myth that loan lenders target struggling families and attempt to bury them in debt.

Even students can utilize quick cash loans to pay for textbooks and school materials while waiting for grants or other loans to process. After their additional funds are available, they can repay their fast cash loans in the following weeks and proceed through their school year.

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